How to Start Your Own Society

1. Pick a Name

Perhaps a time consuming step… but take your time, research and be original! Look at the LWSDirectory and instagram for ideas and inspiration but don't copy!

2. Find a Location

This step can be difficult. I hold my meetings in the party room at my apartment building. Some other ideas: coffee shops, bookstores, museums, the library, stationery stores, or some sort of public space. I find that my groups like a consistent meeting place, but for some occasions I host somewhere special.

3. Set a Date

Once you know where you want to meet, figure out how often you want to meet. My group meets monthly, but some groups meet more or less often. Pick dates for your first three meetings, and make your first meeting at least a month from now so you have time to…

4. Advertise

Tell everyone you know! Tell all of your local stationery shops. See if you can post flyers around your area (e.g., the library, coffee shops, stationery shops, etc.) Use the internet! Instagram and Facebook are great places to spread the news. is another great place to post all of your events and let people RSVP. Some clubs use Eventbrite for RSVPs.I also get everyone's emails at each meeting so i can email them about the next meeting.

5. Meet

Have your meeting and have fun! Hopefully your advertising paid off and you have a great meeting. At your meeting you can tell everyone about your upcoming meetings (that's why you picked three dates ahead of time). If you took everyone's emails, send out an email a few weeks after your first meeting to remind them of the upcoming dates so they can mark their calendar.